KABX Favorites of Yesterday and Today 97.5 FM

K97.5 plays favorites of yesterday and today for Central California from Modesto to Fresno. We play the biggest hits from the 80’s, 90’s 2000’s and today…the music that makes you feel good!

 About KABX

When it comes to radio listening, K97.5 is the choice for many stores, offices, and businesses across the greater CA Central Valley. The deep familiarity of the celebrated music creates a strong station/listener bond. Boasting one of the most well-known and long-standing on-air personalities in the history of the entire CA Central Valley (Dave Luna), K97.5 is a multigenerational radio station. The entire family of parents, kids, and grandparents listen throughout the day and enjoy the feel-good music that connects with the whole family.

 Benefits of Advertising with KABX

Consistency and longevity in business can be important factors for consumers who are deciding from whom to make purchases. These sentiments are very much reflected in K97.5 – all the way down to the main voice and personality of this station that has been heard on this signal for over 40 years. When Dave Luna says it’s so – it's so. Having your business message aired on this station connects you with trusted consistency and familiar longevity – to which this audience (your ideal customers) will respond, thus increasing the chances of more sales.



  • Adult Contemporary

  • 25-64

  • 55,000

  • Facebook



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