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It’s the biggest hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Perfect for the office radio or for singing along in your vehicle, you can leave Cherry FM on all day long. And for the holiday season, 100.9 Cherry FM is Yakima’s official Christmas station!

 About KARY

CherryFM = a place for people that LOVE their music! 70’s 80, and early 90’s CherryFM is Yakima’s Greatest Hit’s! A fun, light-hearted station for the whole family, it’s ALL about the music on Cherry. Classic artists. Unforgettable hits. And during the Holiday’s, you’ll find more of the same, when Cherry flips the switch and becomes Yakima’s official Christmas Station. Why official? Because they’ve been playing Christmas music through the Holidays for over 20 years and everyone in the Yakima Valley knows it. The anticipation is as almost as exciting as Christmas morning.

 Benefits of Advertising with KARY

100.9 CherryFM is one of Yakima’s most beloved stations, spinning the best of the best for over 35 years. It’s truly one of Yakima’s most recognized and loved stations. Advertisers and business alike know and love CherryFM not just for the music, but for the listeners that share one of the highest disposable incomes in the Valley. This isn’t the station for teenagers with no money; rather, this is where established adults at the age of acquisition spend their mornings, workdays and weekends. We’re not saying they’re successful adults BECAUSE they listen to 100.9 CherryFM, but hey, it didn’t hurt!



  • Adult Hits

  • 35-64

  • 36,000

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