BOB plays the 80’s, 90’s, Whatever! He may not be the most athletic or much of a genius, but if there is one thing BOB is good at, it’s playing music that everyone knows and loves. If it’s a good song, BOB plays it from his ever-growing CD collection.

 About KBBD

103.9 BOB FM is a locally produced radio station unlike any other . . . it doesn’t have DJ’s that talk too much and doesn’t play the same song over and over again. BOB plays a variety of familiar music centered on pop/rock hits from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. BOB is lifestyle radio for the Inland Northwest . . . cool and relatively laid-back mixed with some playfulness. BOB is the perfect station for listening at work, in the car, or anytime you want to hear a variety of music.

 Benefits of Advertising with KBBD

Business owners love BOB because it appeals to mid-to-upper income consumers. BOB listeners are working in their career and enjoy spending their hard-earned money. They are focused on the family, plan ahead for the future, and place importance on their image. This active adult is a quality market for good clothes, new/used auto, homes, furniture, and appliances. They are increasingly health-aware and eco-friendly, while also choosing convenience in almost all aspects of life. This ideal customer is already listening to BOB; we just need to invite them into your business.



  • Adult Hits

  • 25-54

  • 53,500

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