KBRE Merced's Rock Station 1660/105.7 AM/FM

105.7 The Bear brings counterculture vibe to everything we do. We have the best rock variety in Central California, with Rock hits & deep cuts from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s 2000’s and today…along with a mix in new & classic Alternative Rock…If its GOOD rock, it’s on The Bear!

 About KBRE

THE BEAR has been one of the most consistent formats and stations in the central valley for over 20 years. THE BEAR audience has a thirst to be entertained and a high standard for the music and content we provide. THE BEAR appeals to the listeners who want to hear the hits and the people wanting to hear Rock tracks they never hear on other stations. Musically, THE BEAR isn’t afraid to take risks, and the rewards are worth it.  Our station speaks to our listeners, and they listen.

 Benefits of Advertising with KBRE

Listeners of THE BEAR are some of the most loyal rock fans around.  Not only do we appeal to the young rockers out there, both males and females alike, but we also appeal to business professionals and hard-working blue-collar workers who have disposable income and believe in the products and businesses that run on THE BEAR airwaves. When you use THE BEAR, you are speaking directly to your ideal customer…. loyal, engaged, and in their years of accumulation, looking to buy goods and services for their active lifestyle.



  • Active Rock

  • 25-54

  • 30,000

  • Facebook



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