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All your favorite Christian speakers at the same time every weekday, plus faith-based talk. You can find it in one place. Talk You Can Trust, 970 AM KCFO!

 About KCFO 970 AM

Many people still get their daily, spiritual inspiration from listening to their favorite Christian speakers. This long form programming airs in formats typically 15 or 30 minutes in length, and can be heard every day on KCFO 970 AM. Listeners are passionate about their faith, and loyal to their favorite shows. And have been listening to KCFO 970 AM for many years. Listeners can also hear the best financial advice from a Christian perspective on the Dave Ramsey show, heard weekdays from 1pm to 4pm. 

Benefits of advertising with KCFO 970 AM

Christian teaching and talk consist of passionate followers. Which means they’re predictable and easy to advertise to. These listeners take their faith personally, and want to do business with likeminded advertisers. Whether it’s advertising your business to them around their favorite teaching programs, or in Dave Ramsey’s daily show, both are a right fit for any business looking to grow. KCFO 970 AM is the perfect station to pair with CCM radio station, KXOJ!




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