KCMX Lite 102 Today's Hits & Yesterday's Favorites (Your Listen At Work Station) 101.9 FM

Lite 102 is your listen-at-work station, playing your favorite soft rock music that makes your day brighter!

 About KCMX-FM

If there is a radio station that continuously makes you smile, it’s Lite 102. Playing the most music from the 80’s to today and feel-good favorites, Lite 102 puts you in a great mood while you work. People turn on Lite 102 in the morning in their cars and keep it on all day. When you’re at your doctor or dentist office, they’re most likely listening, too. Each song is familiar, uplifting, and fun. If a radio station could be your best friend, it would be Lite 102!

 Benefits of Advertising with KCMX-FM

Lite 102 delivers soft rock to an affluent, educated, family-oriented audience that cares about their local community and likes to have fun. When you advertise with Lite 102, you will connect to your ideal customers who not only love to shop, but also, love to shop with familiar, local brands & businesses. More often, the Lite 102 listeners tend to be Moms of all ages and their family & friends are everything to her – once you have a Lite 102 listener as an ideal customer for your business, you’ll have them forever.



  • Adult Contemporary

  • Women 25-64

  • 26,000

  • Facebook



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