KEDG Sunny 106.9 FM

Sunny 106.9 is Central Louisiana’s FAVORITE listen at work station! Your destination for the Lunchtime Retro Café.

About KEDG

When it comes to at-work listening, Sunny 106.9 is the preferred choice in Central Louisiana. From offices to retail stores, restaurants to gas stations – walk into just about any type of business and you’ll hear Sunny playing. Featuring a fun variety of music ranging from the 80’s through today, Sunny 106.9 is a station people can listen to all day long. Plus, parents don’t have to worry about bad lyrics when the kids are in the car, making Sunny very family friendly.

Benefits of Advertising with KEDG

Today's listeners are more loyal than ever. That is why advertising with Sunny 106.9 is the place to be. We have more listeners listening more of the time. Your advertising message is with them at work, in their cars, and at their homes. When you establish that bond with your ideal customers—before they walk through the door—the likelihood of making more sales increases. Treat these ideal customers well and they will be yours for life!



  • Adult Contemporary

  • Women 25-54

  • 20,000

  • Facebook



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