The hits of the 70s and 80s presented in a fun, positive way by personalities who grew up with this music. It's the music that makes you feel good!  You might even catch yourself singing along!

 About KEYF

KEY 101 plays the best music from the 70’s to the 90’s in a fun, positive way with personalities who grew up with this music. It’s the music that makes you feel good. You might actually catch yourself singing along. The exciting blend of up-beat, feel-good music, entertaining personalities, and relevant local content makes the perfect choice for at-work listening There’s less repetition and its music that everyone can agree on.

 Benefits of Advertising with KEYF

As a business owner, every customer counts. Those with more disposable income count even more. The likelihood that a customer can spend more with your business, more often, while referring you to their network of friends increases when that customer is 45 years or older. 45+ represents the largest segment of the population, as well as those who have the most wealth. They grew up listening to the radio. So, we have the market exclusive radio station just for them. Tap into this large pool of ideal customers. Advertise on KEY 101, Spokane’s Greatest Hits!



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