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104.3 The Bridge is your home for Today’s Christian Music. Your go to station for Family Friendly Fun.

About KEZP

When it comes to radio, 104.3 The Bridge is the choice for many families across Central Louisiana. The faith represented in the music creates a station/listener bond unlike any other music format. 104.3 The Bridge is a multigenerational radio station. Parents, kids, and grandparents alike listen throughout the day. The music inspires, encourages, and gives hope to thousands of people. When people need just the right song to play at just the right time, they tune in to 104.3 The Bridge.

Benefits of Advertising with KEZP

One of the most important factors in making a purchasing decision is the trust relationship a buyer forges with a seller. Usually, that trust is earned; sometimes, it transfers from one entity to another. That transferring of trust is what happens when you advertise your business with 104.3 The Bridge. Your advertising message is believed because the listeners believe in us. When you establish belief and trust with your ideal customers—before they walk through the door—the likelihood of making more sales increases. Treat these ideal customers well and they will be yours for life!



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  • 25-64

  • 15,000

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