KLAA LA 103.5 FM

LA 103.5 is Today’s Country Music. We are Louisiana’s 10 in a row Station, every hour, every day.

 About KLAA

LA 103.5 has been one of Central Louisiana’s top radio stations for many years and continues that tradition today. From the soul stirring ballads to the lighthearted and fun party songs, LA 103.5’s mix of country music is relatable to a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Featuring only the best country songs from the last fifteen years, LA 103.5 is the station that people can rely on to consistently bring them the songs they know from the artists they love.

 Benefits of Advertising with KLAA

Country music is King in Central Louisiana. That is why your brand should be there. LA 103.5 plays more of today's Country music in front of more of the customers that you want. Your advertising message is believed because the listeners believe in us. When you establish belief and trust with your ideal customers—before they walk through the door—the likelihood of making more sales increases. Treat these ideal customers well and they will be yours for life!



  • Country

  • Women 18-49

  • 40,000

  • Facebook



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