KLOQ Aqui Solo….RADIO LOBO! 98.7 FM

Serving the Hispanic Community for over 25 years, RADIO LOBO is the only Spanish station here, with live and local DJs, operating with a Regional Mexican music format, playing the most popular hits from world famous artists. We entertain, inform and educate the community with a dynamic and joyful style.

 About KLOQ

RADIO LOBO 98.7 FM is a Radio station with deep history, serving the Hispanic Community in the CA Central Valley for well over 25 years. One of many elements that makes this station different from the rest is the fact that RADIO LOBO DJ’s are live and local in all primetime dayparts, operating in a Regional Mexican music format. RADIO LOBO plays the most popular hits from world famous artists, while entertaining, informing, and educating the community with a high energy, dynamic, and joyful style.

 Benefits of Advertising with KLOQ

Trust and loyalty are some of the most important factors in business and in life. That sentiment is reflected strongly with RADIO LOBO. Having been such a trusted constant for decades for our listeners, with long-time, local DJs over that entire time, the RADIO LOBO audience is one of the most loyal to this station. Because of the loyalty that the stations shows its audience, your advertising message is believed and followed – because the listeners believe in us. Make more sales and corner the large Hispanic market with your message airing on RADIO LOBO.



  • Regional Mexican

  • 18-54

  • 50,000

  • Facebook



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