KNNW 103.1 NOW FM #1 For Hits

NOW FM is a contemporary hit music station which appeals to Top 40 partisans from 15 to 44 and beyond! Exciting personalities playing only the Hits is why NOW FM is moving up the charts!

 About KNNW

103.1 NOW FM is Monroe's one and only Top 40 radio station. 103.1 NOW FM is programmed to appeal to the 39-year-old mother as well as her teenage children, and ALL those who love Today's Hits. Weekday mornings start with the popular Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, followed by All the Hits from today's biggest stars all day and night long. Popular local personalities deliver the hits and keep the audience in touch with what's happening in the community. If it's happening in pop music, it's on 103.1 NOW FM, and if it's on 103.1 NOW FM, it's happening!

 Benefits of Advertising with KNNW

If you're messaging to newer consumers and their parents, 103.1 NOW FM is a powerful way to reach them. Truth is – today's 30 year-old's are last century's 20 year-old's! NOW FM delivers a wide (12-44) and diverse audience. If you live a contemporary life-style in the Monroe market, chances are 103.1 NOW FM is one of your favorite radio stations – maybe THE favorite. And with several area colleges and universities in the region, there are thousands of contemporary life-style residents you can reach with 103.1 NOW FM.



  • Top 40

  • 18-44

  • 20,000

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