NOW! 94.5 FM & 100.9 HD2

Now! 94.5 FM & 100.9 HD2

Christian Hit Music, Now!
For a new generation, not your Mom and Dad's Christian Music
Now! 94.5 FM Today's Christian Hit Music

 About Now! 94.5 FM

Christian music exploded in the mid 90’s and many of today’s CCM listeners have grown up alongside the format, but what about the next generation of listeners? NOW! 94.5 features the Christian artists and songs that are exploding onto the scene NOW. This isn’t Mom and Dad’s music- this is a new generation featuring artists like Katy Nichole who has over 150 Million views on TikTok and world-wide sensations like LeCrae and NF. The format is targeted at 12-34 year olds from diverse lifestyles ranging from students to young marrieds.

 Benefits advertising with Now! 94.5 FM

Now! 94.5 FM caters to a hyper targeted audience. Focused on attracting listeners with ages ranging from 12-34 year olds, Now! 94.5 FM Christian Hit Music offers businesses access to people with money to spend. Their household income supports their diverse spending needs. Your business can reach these high-income households, which includes teens to young, college age adults, you can find a lot of them listening to NOW! 94.5 FM Christian Hit Music!

NOW! 94.5 FM & 100.9 HD2 STATISTICS


  • Christian Hits

  • 12-34

  • 15,000

  • Tik Tok



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