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96.3 KUBB Country has been playing country music in Central California since 1978. We focus mainly on today’s new country, also with a great mix of the Legends of Country Music, making KUBB the best country station in Central California for over 40 years!

 About KUBB

KUBB Country has never flipped formats, or changed its country sound since 1978, and has always kept its family friendly reputation, along with a great mix of feel-good music for all age groups. Country music fans love to play hard and work hard, and the KUBB team emulates that sentiment all the way. KUBB keeps the audience highly engaged throughout each and every day. For anything related to the country lifestyle, agriculture, or just hard-working folks in general, KUBB is definitely your brand of radio station!

 Benefits of Advertising with KUBB

Country music fans are some of the most loyal and engaged fans out there.  KUBB is your direct contact with your ideal customers of the working professionals, farmers, the stay-at-home moms, and even the college kids having a tailgate party.  We cover a wide variety of listeners and some leave the station on all day – a major benefit of KUBB.  We have a high level of trust, engagement, and loyalty from our listeners.  With all of those elements supporting your message airing on KUBB, the likelihood of making more sales increases!



  • New Country

  • 25-54

  • 50,000

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