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The premiere, national sports talk radio station.
Big time hosts…major interviews, live sports. We are Sports Radio, ESPN!.

 About ESPN Radio

When sports fans want to know what’s going on nationally, they tune into ESPN Radio. The best interviews, entertaining talk, the most important sporting events—you can find them all at ESPN 99.9 FM & 1550 AM.  Listeners set their dials to ESPN Radio and then go about their day, listening as life unfolds. When sports news happens, anytime day or night, 24 hours a day, it breaks live on ESPN 99.9 FM & 1550 AM!

 Benefits of advertising with ESPN Radio

Sometimes just being tied to a big brand elevates your business into next level success. When you advertise with ESPN radio, you’re getting big brand exposure with a fraction of the cost. Your advertising is big enough to blanket the fans you want to reach. But affordable enough to stay within your budget. If you want to talk to sports listeners about your business, they’ll be listening on ESPN 99.9 FM & 1550 AM!



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