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The best sports talk radio, discussing what matters most to Oklahomans. Reaching the Eastern half of Oklahoma, if it’s sports and it matters, it’s on The Sports Animal!

 About The Sports Animal

When it’s time to talk about sports, Eastern Oklahoma turns to The Sports Animal!  Sports is a daily part of our listeners lives, and they live it with our sports talk hosts. The Morning Animals kick things off followed by Hoover & Mayes. Then, it’s Pat Jones with Erik Gee followed by Jim Traber, and wrapping up with Al Eschbach and the Total Dominance Hour.  Different hosts with different takes on what’s currently happening in sports.  If you like sports. If you like talk. You’ll find both at The Sports Animal!

 Benefits of advertising with The Sports Animal

Sports happens 24/7, 365. And the listeners to The Sports Animal love every second of it. That makes reaching them easier than ever. Day after day, you can find them tuning into their favorite shows. It’s destination listening. When you advertise to our audience, your brand becomes part of the shows they love. That makes them want to buy from you even more. They feel you’re a sports lover just like them. They’re loyal to sports and will be loyal to you, when you advertise to them on The Sports Animal!



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