KYNZ Good Times Oklahoma 107.1 FM

KTBZ 107.1 is all about the “Good Times.” The music you grew up listening to is on Good Times Oklahoma, 107.1 FM.

About KYNZ GTO-107

KYNZ-107.1 FM (also known as GTO-107) is the radio station in southern Oklahoma that plays the best music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It’s the at-work radio station that everyone can agree on. Playing a variety of familiar and upbeat tunes, GTO-107 makes the workday more enjoyable. It’s also the perfect accompaniment to your after-work, spare time, and weekend activities. We play the music of your childhood with DJ’s that are passionate about the music and appreciative of our listeners.

Benefits of Advertising with KYNZ GTO-107

Listeners to KYNZ (GTO-107) are generally 45 and over and are loyal to the music they grew up hearing. They are loyal listeners to our station and to radio as a whole. Having now reached a point in their lives where they have more discretionary income, they are able to spend more money with your business and are more likely to refer you to their network of friends and family.



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