WFRY "The Best and Most Country, Froggy 97" 97.5 FM

It's your country! Northern New York's Most powerful radio station!

 About WFRY

When looking for that special connection between a radio station and its loyal listeners, Froggy 97 is the choice for families across Northern New York. With its Country music format, family members of all ages are at home with Froggy 97. Parents, kids, and grandparents alike listen to Froggy 97 throughout the day. For 30 years, Froggy 97 has been the radio station for EVERYONE in Northern New York – and with 100,000 watts of power, you can hear us EVERYWHERE!

 Benefits of Advertising with WFRY

Advertising choices are rooted in trust. Trust is what happens when you advertise your business with Froggy 97.   Our listeners have a trusting relationship with Froggy, and your advertising message will be believed because our listeners believe in us. Before your ideal customer enters your business or visits your website, they will be ready to buy based on the relationship you have with Froggy 97!



  • Country

  • 25-64

  • 25,000

  • Facebook



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