WMSA 1340 AM

For 75 years WMSA has been super serving the Massena area with local news, weather, events and more all accompanied by the soundtrack of yesteryear!

About WMSA

1340 WMSA is the choice for the mature listener in Massena and the surrounding neighboring communities. The morning and midday provide full-service content of news, weather, and many other heritage features, plus local sports coverage and community content like no other in the region. For more than, 75 years one thing has remained ever present in all weather, all seasons, and for all reasons – it’s 1340 WMSA.

Benefits of Advertising with WMSA

The audience of 1340 WMSA trusts the local connection and community that is WMSA. This is an audience that listens – truly listens – to what is happening on the air because they know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much we care. The music is enjoyed, but the features and events, interviews and partnerships, stick out to our audience. With this in mind, they can and will trust your message when they hear it on the airwaves because they truly trust 1340 WMSA. Establish belief and trust with your ideal customers—before they walk through the door— and the likelihood of making more sales increases. Treat these ideal customers well, and they’ll be yours for life!



  • Gold Based Oldies

  • 45-65

  • 15,000

  • Facebook



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