YES-FM top 40 music and fun for Northern New York and Southeastern Ontario with trivia and fun and today’s hottest and best chart-topping music, too!

 About WYSX

WYSX 96.7 YES-FM is the choice for young, trendy up-and-comers throughout St. Lawrence and Leeds-Grenville Counties. The contemporary hit music combined with fun, heritage air talent, as well as hot features and events, creates an energetic and dynamic product between the radio station and our audience. Parents and their children are listening along online and on-air to what is new and happening and fun throughout all hours of the day. They can and do say YES to 96.7 YES-FM!

 Benefits of Advertising with WYSX

The audience of WYSX 96.7 YES-FM trusts our on-air team and thrives off of the energy they bring to the airwaves every day and night. For over two decades, we have had three of our on-air talents playing today’s hot new music with games and pop culture that entertains and inspires a fun listening experience and escape. When your business advertises with WYSX, your advertising message is believed because the listeners tune to us for what is new and exciting. These listeners have yet to formulate long-term buying habits, so they are looking to be guided and incentivized as to where to go and why! Establish belief and trust with your ideal customers—before they walk through the door— and the likelihood of making more sales increases. Treat these ideal customers well, and they’ll be yours for life.



  • Contemporary Hits

  • 18-44

  • 35,000

  • Facebook



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