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Rochester's ONLY home for Alternative music. If it's alternative, it's on The Zone!

 About WZNE

The New 94.1 The Zone is everything ALT in Rochester. From unique concerts and live events, to the messaging in between the songs, the DNA of The New 94.1 The Zone is Alternative. There is no station in Rochester quite like it; while some may see that as a criticism, we see it as a strength. We know our audience better than anyone because we are one of them! We love music, we love entertainment, and yes, we're kind of geeky. While most other stations try to be cool, we just are cool – without trying – and that is what makes The New 94.1 Zone authentically alternative!

 Benefits of Advertising with WZNE

What do you call adults that are establishing their careers, getting married, buying a new home, and starting a new family? We call them 94.1 The Zone listeners. The 20’s and 30’s are an exciting time in which you need everything, and 94.1 The Zone is the choice for the generation in their age of acquisition. They haven’t established many relationships and may be a bit weary of doing so, but as a trusted friend, we can help with the introduction. They have the money and the need. It will be worthwhile to meet them.



  • Alternative

  • 21-49

  • 70,000

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